Our lives are our story, and I work every day to make sure mine is filled with adventure, excitement, and passion–a life lived in exclamation!

Cameron Naish

I dedicate my life to sharing stories worth telling. As a hiker, camper, reader, writer, and self-improver, I believe the best stories come from taking the next step and moving forward.

After I finished my degree in news-editorial journalism (with a minor in technology, arts, and media) I joined a startup technology company and spent my time collecting frequent flyer miles while developing skills in client data management. I now work for a (not-so startup) company where I manage a team who specializes in process documentation and improvement for contracts, tools, and procedure. I’m privileged to have articles published on a variety of sites (more on that can be found in my Portfolio), and my personal blog posts can be found over at Medium.com

When I’m not busy with the above, I can be found building with LEGO bricks, playing with my labrador, discussing superheroes, or planning the next big thing.

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10 Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I owe three wookiee life debts.
  2. I want to participate as a TED speaker.
  3. I will climb every 14er mountain in Colorado.
  4. I collect LEGO City, Superhero and Star Wars sets.
  5. When I need to make small talk, I usually bring up the Oxford comma.
  6. I have a passion for propulsion, and turbochargers bring smiles to my face.
  7. People are my inspiration–my friends and family inspire me in everything I do.
  8. To overcome my fear of ordering drinks at bars, I nabbed a mixology degree.
  9. I’m ordained, and I’ve performed six weddings so far. I’ve also DJed two weddings. (I officiated and DJed at the same wedding once.)
  10. My dog is named Cairn, after the markers on hiking trails. Just about everyone she meets calls her Karen by accident (and sometimes on purpose).