Work Experience

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Oracle America, Inc. | February 2013 to Present

Manager, Global Quoting to Contracting Business Process (October 2018- Present)

After a fantastic four years in Texas, I returned to Colorado. Thankfully, I stayed with Oracle America Inc. and moved from regional operations to global operations.

In my current role, I manage a small team of three, and together we write, maintain, audit, and publish more than 500 knowledge articles and documentation guides designed to assist the deal management teams all over the globe. The documentation covers various customers, processes, and detailed system guides that all contribute to improvement, simplification, and automation within the deal management organization. I’m also responsible for managing communications regarding organizational updates and enhancements, with a global audience of more than 1,000 employees.

Process and Quality Senior Manager, Deal Management (January 2017- September 2018)

After years of building up process knowledge spanning every line of business within Oracle, I put my experience to use by spearheading a new organization within the Center: The Process and Quality team. Having developed the idea with VPs and other stakeholders, I had the privileged to manage it and bring it to life. 

While I no longer manage the organization, it consists of three main teams: Division Process Owners (DPOs), Quality Auditors, and education/training.

The DPOs are the regional experts in their respective lines of business in both North America and South America. They are responsible for maintaining process and quality consistency to match global alignment as well as creating new process when there are gaps, updating process as needs change, and clarifying process when needed.

The Quality Auditors evaluate a percentage of deals being drafted to make sure process is appropriately followed, and assist with identifying knowledge and training gaps.

As these gaps are identified, processes are created/updated as needed, and the organization hosts trainings and workshops to assist drafters all over the region to be the best at what they do.

Manager, Deal Management (June 2014 – December 2016)

When I received the opportunity to be a pioneer at the Shared Service Center in San Antonio, TX, I bought a pair of cowboy boots and headed south. In my time at the center, I managed a variety of Oracle contract teams, ranging from the consulting line of business to our hardware and engineered system contracts, while efficiently utilizing KPIs and team management techniques. As Oracle continues to grow its footprint in the technology industry, I’ve been on the forefront of contract integration with MICROS Systems and Acme Packet, as well as other acquired companies.

Deal Manager (February 2013 – May 2014)

Contract drafting is a great area to utilize writing skills, and as a deal manager I got to write non-standard contract language on a daily basis that helped reduce risk and exceed customer expectations. Based at the Broomfield, CO campus, I wrote non-standard contracts for Oracle’s engineered systems product portfolio.


Educational Measures | March 2008 to February 2013 

Data Coordinator / Marketing Coordinator  / On-Site Technical Operator (March 2008 – February 2013) 

The greatest part about working for a small company is the opportunity to wear multiple hats. My daily role in the office was to maintain our marketing and branding, which included operating our social media accounts, website management, company presentations, newsletter writing and editing, and all the brochures a guy with a copy of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator could hope to design. As the company is primarily data driven, I also worked to maintain our clients’ data, with software data implementation in a production environment, where I managed data integrity and security of sensitive medical information, and optimized business yield for more than 4,000 grants.

I worked with many of our clients firsthand as an on-site technical operator, which allowed me to see cities all over the world. As an on-site operator, I orchestrated the technical back end for conferences, ranging from intimate adboards to multi-day symposiums for multi-industry education. I also worked closely with presenters to help them streamline and edit their presentations, while integrating interactive audience response systems through multi-platform integration and periodic on-the-fly architecture.

CU Independent | August 2007 to May 2010

Editor-in-Chief / Managing Editor / Entertainment Editor / Reporter (August 2007 – May 2010) 

I started as a staff reporter of my college newspaper my first semester of my sophomore year and worked my way up to editor-in-chief by my senior year. In my six semesters on staff, I wrote more than 120 articles, managed more than 100 students at a time, and managed the paper’s website, marketing, ad sales, and articles.  As editor-in-chief, I improved online traffic by 40%, and grew the paper to record staff size and article output. As managing editor, I headed the launch of a diversity campaign that earned statewide attention and the support of Congressman Jared Polis.

USDA | June 2005 to August 2009

Office Enumerator (June 2005 – August 2009)

While I was fortunate to work with a variety of companies before starting my career (It only takes one season working at Michael’s Arts and Crafts to change your entire perspective on the holidays), the Department of Agriculture was my first (and one of my favorite) jobs. When I started during my junior year of high school, I spent most of my time in the basement mailroom, printing and mailing surveys out to farmers all over the West. Over time, I worked my way to the upstairs office, where I spent time assisting other enumerators with their data collection and analysis. Once I started college, the office put my journalism editing skills to use, and I became one of the editors for the Colorado Agricultural Statistics.



Dream Garage | October 2009 to April 2010

Staff Writer 

I have a passion for cars, and this internship allowed me to work on my writing skills while focusing on one of my favorite topics. I spent months writing blurbs about car models available for sale–filling each blurb with as much important information as possible while keeping them entertaining and fresh.

Delicious Living Magazine | January 2010 to May 2010

Web Intern

Building on my experience from 5280, I managed Delicious Living’s online presence through social media, where I fostered discussion among readers and built up readership and customer interaction. I also edited stories for staff writers, conducted interviews for articles, wrote my own blogs, and updated the magazine’s website.

5280 Magazine | May 2009 to August 2009

Multimedia Intern

Reading 5280 while at the grocery store as a kid was a favorite hobby of mine growing up, so becoming a part of the staff was a dream come true. During my time with the publication, I managed the online and print calendars, as well as email blasts. When time allowed, I assisted other writers with their articles (research, interviews, etc.) and helped develop multimedia pieces.


University of Colorado, Boulder

Bachelor of Science – News-Editorial Journalism / Minor in Technology, Arts and Media 

Studying in beautiful Boulder, Colorado was an amazing experience. While my main focus was my journalism degree, I spent a large portion of my time on a variety of classwork, including personal branding, storytelling, photography, anthropology, and learning Adobe’s entire creative suite.